About us

Welcome to the Media Circle, an organization aimed at improving and growing the technological skill set of students attending St. Joseph's College.

Our society is full of members with a passion for technology and an eagerness to learn. Located in Colombo, Sri Lanka, the Media Circle is a force in the technology world.We aim to build a better future and develop the talents of a younger generation by promoting computer knowledge and other technological skills. The Media Circle also plays a prominent role in many event and activities at St. Joseph's College.

As a result of our school participation, the patronage of Rev. Fr. Sylsvester Ranasinghe in 2009, and our talented line of society presidents, we've out small, but the Media Circle has sure made a name for itself in recent years.

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Team Members

  • Delano Fernando


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  • Anuja Dassanayake


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  • Hirusha Jayamanne

    Vice President

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  • Duvindra Dissanayake


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  • Shannon Vanhoff


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  • Nuhan Perera

    ICT President

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  • Yasiru Perera

    Photography President

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  • Hiroshan Augustine

    Radio President

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  • Aritha Bandara

    Radio Club Vice President

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  • Hasitha Silva

    ICT Vice President

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  • Prashith Fernando

    Photography Vice President

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